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InKnoWin Consulting believes in facilitating clients to leverage their latent wealth of Innovation and Knowledge Capital to gain competitive advantage and grow profitably. We bring a richness of experience and domain expertise to our clients.

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We do not just create strategy - we implement them at the frontline / lowest denominator.

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There is a Wealth of Knowledge that flows through the organization- in its people, its processes & systems and its customer relationships. Organizations that are able to identify, harness and direct these Knowledge Resources are the ones who are going to generate stakeholder value consistently.

InKnoWin Consulting helps organizations recognize and leverage their Knowledge Assets. Unlike other assets, Knowledge Assets appreciate with use, enhances organization capabilities and creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Now, more than ever before, with the slowing of the economy and uncertainty in the business environment, Organizations will have to dig deep and tap every resource available to them, in order to grow through this tough phase. Traditionally at times like these organizations tend to downsize, reduce expenses and try to improve productivity. These are short term tactics. Tapping into the vast Innovation and Knowledge Capital on the other hand helps the company put into circulation the Lessons Learned, Best Practices generated and the Collective Wisdom gained in the course of business, thereby spawning a culture of efficiency when it is most needed. And this culture outlasts the economic cycle, thereby helping enterprises grow faster than others when things start to look up.

InKnoWin Consulting helps organization to leverage their Innovation Capital (People talent and expertise), Structural Capital (processes and systems) and Relationship Capital (Customer Relationships).

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So what is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is a powerful discipline for organizations to identify, understand, build and leverage their competencies. Businesses that learn to harness Knowledge Management will reap its benefits. Since Knowledge Management is not understood very well, in this article I will put forward some broad ideas to explain this discipline.

While conducting its business, organizations build internal competencies over time. Customers experience these competencies when transacting with the company. Based on their experience, the customer makes choices and forms preferences or opinions about the organization.