Applied Knowledge Management


There is a Wealth of Knowledge that flows through the organization- in its people, its processes & systems and its customer relationships. Organizations that are able to identify, harness and direct these Knowledge Resources are the ones who are going to generate stakeholder value consistently.

Knowledge Management is the discipline of identifying the critical knowledge that constantly flows through the organization and lubricates its process and builds people capability. Having identified the knowledge the objective is to understand who generates, who uses, and how the knowledge so generated can be shared in a contextually relevant manner when it is required to the people who require it.

InKnoWin Consulting is India’s first consultancy to specialize in Applied Knowledge Management.

If you have the intention but did not know where to start, InKnoWin Consulting has the expertise to help you from set up to implementation. If there is an existing program that is in the doldrums, we will help to revive it.

We are not to be confused as a Technology Company that will set up a Knowledge Management Portal. A portal is only a component in the entire Knowledge Management strategy

We take responsibility for the implementation of the plan, the KM Processes and its outcome. We will support the organization until Knowledge Management becomes a way of life for them.

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