Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people in order to achieve Business Goals. Rudolf, the Founder and CEO of InKnoWin, Consulting is recognized globally as the person who pioneered Gamification in Knowledge Management. His work was featured as a cover story on a US Publication.

The Innovation Games, Expedition Everest, EuroSenate, My Personality Quotient are acknowledged as innovative and path breaking programs that broke the perception that gamification is frivolous and without serious intent. Each program was designed to address specific Objectives.

At InKnoWin Consulting Gamification is serious business. Each program is designed to fit the culture of the client company in order to succeed. Further, each game is designed to solve identified business issues.

With Gamersroof as a partner ( the scope of delivery has increased. Now the experience can be digitally enabled to cater to the needs of the Millenials and Gen Y who have just entered into the workplace and want an experience as close as possible to that experienced in their personal space.

We constantly bring out original concepts. We can design a short period high intensity engagement or a longer period capability-building program. We are confident that no other consultancy anywhere in the world can match us in our gamification expertise.

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