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In-Kno- Win Consulting offers a suite of consultancy services, focussed on Business Problem Resolution. We believe that “All Problems are Knowledge Problems”. This is because, if you had the knowledge and capability, you would execute. Capability is always there. So what is missing is the knowledge.

Our approach is unique as any of our clients will vouch. We go to the root. We visit the market with the salesman. We meet customers; we talk to suppliers and retailers. We stand with the supervisor at an infrastructure project. We empathise- we get to know your business as best as we possibly can and try and understand the pain points. Our solutions are better informed as the data is experienced at the source. Our solutions are tailor made and we take responsibility for the outcomes.

Outstanding Customer Experience Using a Knowledge Led Strategy : We are Masters in mapping customer experience at every touch point. We do this through Journey Mapping of Customers as well as the Employees responsible for that customer touch point. Journey Mapping is a powerful tool to get deep insights with relatively small sample sizes. Importantly we capture the Narratives and Accompanying Anecdotes. By including customers and employees we arrive at well informed evidence based root causes. The recommendation covers Process, People and Technology The outcome is a wholesome implementable and lasting solution.

Using a Knowledge Led Strategy to enhance Sales Force Productivity: In-Kno- Win Consulting is unique. It offers solutions at the board level as well as at the field level. We work with Frontline Sales challenges of Enhancing Productivity, Increasing Coverage, Improving Sales Conversion, and Addressing the Retention. We do so by shadowing and Journey Mapping the Highest Performing Salesmen, learning their stories and documenting their innovations so that others can learn. We suggest solutions and then monitor till it gets done. We have done multiple assignments involving Finance, FMCG and Retail for improving Sales Force productivity and suggesting a Go-to Market strategy as well.

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