Sense Making Under Conditions Of Uncertainty And Complexity


It is a paradox that in a world of Big Data, most significant decisions have to be made using incomplete information. Never has there been a greater need to manage more things under conditions of uncertainty. Many executives are surprised when previously successful leadership approaches fail in new situations. Decision Making is one action that distinguishes the Leaders from Managers. In the new age with the overload of information, the task of decision making will become more difficult. How does a Leader make sense in the midst of the clutter and take right decisions consistently?

Traditional Methods and Techniques of decision making have been found woefully inadequate since they were not specifically designed for the knowledge age.

The Cynefin Framework from Cognitive Edge ( is a worthy framework for Decision Making under conditions of Uncertainty. First revealed in HBR in 2007, it has now evolved with Methods and Assemblies that is appropriate for the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).

Global Organizations as diverse as Finance, Mining, Aerospace, Software, Manufacturing, Government, Armed Forces, Multilateral Agencies and Education are benefitting from the Cynefin Framework and the supporting SenseMaking capability suite. The Cynefin Framework is relevant to most industries today that operate in a Complex Ecosystem.

Importantly the Framework is actually the key to Organization Development. It has layers of meaning, backed up by implementable methods to address OD issues.

In-Kno- Win Consulting has tied up with Cognitive Edge to offer Training and Consultancy on the Cynefin Framework. In essence the Cynefin Framework is about ‘Sense Making’. ‘Sense Making’ has been identified as among the 10 ‘Future Skills’.

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