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In the Digital Era, Innovation is the new Capital. Competitors are popping up- seemingly from nowhere. The ‘Uberization’ of different business sectors have left the erstwhile Leaders in shock and disarray. Yet in hindsight, there were ample signals for change. It is just that there was no process for systematically identify the emerging or the changing patterns. It follows therefore, that Innovation can no longer be left to chance. Innovation Capability has to be developed as a key ability, while still concentrating on the performance engine.

InKno Win Consulting has been at the forefront of building Creativity and Innovation Capability in Organizations through training sessions and projects. ‘Design Mindset’ and ‘Novel and Adaptive Thinking’ have emerged as two Skills of the Future. These skills are learnable and organizations that act quickly will be at an advantage since Different Thinking is needed to make sense and thrive in the world we live in.

Importantly, Innovation is about long-term value creation and not short term ‘Jugaad’. And the process can be learned. InKnoWin Consulting has a well designed method to train organizations in Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking. We are confident that organizations adopting our methods will experience a huge upside in the manner in which routine as well as novel challenges are tackled.

We have deep expertise in this area and are confident of that we can make these skills a part of the organization DNA.

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