Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Assets Management


In the Knowledge Economy 2.0, Knowledge Assets – which are the Intangible Assets- account for almost 80% of the total market value of the organization. Yet Management practices are designed around leveraging Physical or Tangible Assets.

InKnoWin Consulting helps organizations recognize and leverage their Knowledge Assets. Unlike physical assets, Knowledge Assets appreciate with use, enhances organization capabilities, creates Sustainable & Profitable Growth and provides the Competitive Advantage.

Our Knowledge Asset Management practice is geared to help enterprises adopt a comprehensive framework to generate exponential new value from Knowledge Assets for sustainable profitable growth. Moreover the Knowledge Assets can be measured, managed and reported – just like the portfolio of tangible assets. This is not to be confused with applied Knowledge Management- which is a component of the overarching framework.

We help organizations to create an integrated approach to grow the Knowledge Assets in each of the Intellectual Capital domains. Importantly it is linked to tangible Business Goals of the organization for the financial year.

InKnoWin Consulting believes that a Knowledge Asset Strategy is as vital as a Marketing Strategy. We are part of the Global Network of Knowledge Associates, (, Cambridge UK- specializing in the area of Knowledge Asset Management and from whom we draw our know-how. We have access to Experts across the world for Global assignments if required. With a proper Knowledge Asset Strategy in place organizations can look forward to enhancing EVA and Profitable Growth.

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